Welcome from Pastors Carlos & America Gonzalez

Welcome El Shaddai Ministries of Houston. We have been serving the Houston, community for over a decade. Our community outreach programs and youth initiatives are designed to help those in need. We do not require that you belong to any particular religious affiliation or financially support our organization in any way. We do ask that you return one good deed with another perform an act of kindness to another. This way, the cycle of compassion and goodwill continues indefinitely.

Bienvenidos .La iglesia El Shaddai de Houston ha estado sirviendo nuestra communidad por arriba de 10 anos y nos hemos concentrado  en las nesecidades de nuestra communidad, asi como en las misiones que Dios nos ha dejado bendecir dentro y fuera de nustro pais.

We are always looking for volunteers. You will find that in volunteering, you will find happiness and strength.

Our doors are always open. Please join us for our weekly community prayer breakfast.

Call (713)894-4756  for details.
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